Prelude studio is a French clothing brand. Its aesthetic is solely about romance.


"A prelude is an introduction to a work of art."


In the seam of that statement, Prelude Studio brings along another way of considering gender appropriation.


And thus introduces tomorrow’s work of art by taking a step back from binary assignment so as to end it.


In each and everyone of us, there is no male without its female counterpart. What we like in others, we already bear a little in ourselves.


Unlike today’s barren binary fashion, this brand choses to shed light on the design without assigning to anyone


Each piece offers a striking design and embodies the idea that trying on someone else’s outfit is anything but exotic.


Prelude studio is a gender expression liberating brand.

Kevin Abdoul is a 23 years old french self-taught designer.


He finds his inspiration through his experiences and his daily life. But also in his social and love stories.


His eclecticism is forged following artistic waves, cultures and people he encounters.


Movement and silhouette are what he strives to work on, to make those blossom within this project.